Saucony Half Marathon Race Report

This race is billed as the most scenic race in Dubai, it’s actually just
running around the posh communities of Emirates hills, Springs and Meadows
before returning to the finish line at the Golf club.

This was the first running event of any kind for me. I hadn’t been training
a lot and was still deciding if I really wanted to do it. With less than 2
weeks to race day, I decided to sign up and give it a go.

I was holidaying in India at the time and my only training was about 4-5
running sessions of about 5-7km.
It wasn’t much but I was confident of running at least 12km without issues
so it was just a matter of putting my mind into it and not giving up.

There were going to be water stations at every 3km, so my strategy was to
take it easy have a sip of water at every station and just have fun.

Posing at halfway point

Posing at halfway point

The plan worked, I didn’t put too much pressure on myself and was running
smoothly till about 13km where I started feeling a bit of discomfort. I had
to lower my pace now and take it a bit more easy, the pain seemed to go
away but I was getting fatigued and had to keep slowing down.

By the 15th km I started to pick myself up again until the 18th km where I
had to slow down again due to fatigue. Slowly I made it to the finish line
where I was handed my finishers medal.

Finishers medal

Finishers medal

Having previously cycled 170km in Norway, I didn’t feel any post race body
ache. But running 21km seemed more tougher on my body and I could
immediately experience some post race aches which lasted for at least a

The race is also pretty good value for money as it includes a medal for
finishers, a goody bag with tshirt and also includes a lavish post race
breakfast which I thought was really good.

Goody Bag

Goody Bag


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