Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon – Race Report

This was my second half marathon of the year which is billed as the most
popular race on the racing calendar in Dubai after the Std chartered Dxb
Marathon that attracts nearly 2500 runners.

The highlight of this race is running around the whole length of the creek
starting from the Deira side of the creek going to the Dubai side through
an underpass near the heritage village and then returning back to the
finish line in Deira at the Creek and Golf club.


Course Map

The race got sold out a few weeks prior to the event and I was lucky to
have got an entry. I was training a bit more regular than what I did for
the Saucony half marathon so I was mentally prepared.
My training was mostly just interval training mixed with a bit of weights
avoiding any long slow runs.
On race day I decided to get early to the venue to avoid any last minute
parking woes that were to be expected with the large number of participants
being involved.

Having got to the start there was a delay and the race was being delayed by
almost an entire half hour. I found this really irritating as this meant
more time running out when the sun would get more stronger every minute.
Something I wasn’t looking forward to.
The race finally started around 7am and we were off. Right in the first few
hundred meters I was getting an uneasy feeling in my stomach and felt I was
getting stomach cramps. I had to slow down for about 10mins or so till I
felt better.
This helped and I soon started picking up pace. Something I hadn’t thought
about was the number of bridges we would be climbing. This added a fun
element to an otherwise flat course.
It was a well organized race with water stations every 3km and for someone
who has lived in Dubai for 30+ years it was a good feeling to run the whole
length of the creek and take in the beauty of Dubai which includes sights
around the historical parts of the city.
I finished with a time of 2hrs and 10 minutes beating my last half marathon
time by a good 10 minutes.


The race is also pretty good value for money as it includes a medal for
finishers, a goody bag with gifts and also includes a post race breakfast.

Goody Bag

Goody Bag

Highly recommended to anyone who ever wants to do a half marathon in Dubai,
this has to be one of the best races in the city.


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