Desert Warrior Challenge – Race Report

<!–Notes ACF

Taking part in an obstacle course race has been on my ‘To do list’ for awhile now. While doing a Spartan Race/ Tough Mudder is THE dream, those races look unlikely to be held in Dubai anytime soon.
The DWC seemed to be like the next best thing and the buildup to the event really piqued my interest and looked like an interesting challenge to undertake compared to the regular running or cycling challenge.
The DWC was a 10km obstacle race with about 20+ obstacles spread out on the course.
The obstacles themselves were really fun and challenging like getting across monkey bars, I made it to about 85% till I couldn’t push myself anymore and had to fall into the pool below.
Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

The other obstacles included rope climbs, crossing cargo nets at a height, crossing a massive tub filled with Ice. Doing a Tarzan rope swing into a muddy pool,climbing massive fences, sandbag carrys, among others.

While this was an individual challenge it is also about helping the person next to you to overcome the challenge by giving them a hand. A great way to make friends.
dwc 2.0dwc 2.1
Definitely one of the best races I’ve taken part in. The only downer of this event was the race bag goodies and the prize.
When you are charged about AED 400 for the event the participant expects atleast a decent medal. All the finisher gets is a bandana! Seriously??
The race pack was rubbish as well with a cotton tshirt and a band.
Race Pack

Race Pack

I would rethink about paying good money to take part in such a race which gives you no souvenir to look back and cherish the moments in such a race.
I would also probably get a gopro just to capture the video of being on the field accomplishing each obstacle.

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