Review – Usthad Hotel, Karama

For anybody else that has no idea about Malayalam movies, This restaurant takes its name from a famous Malayalam movie of the same name with the central theme of that movie revolving around food and the restaurant in question here tries to piggyback on the success of that movie but rather unsuccessfully. My wife had ordered the vegetarian meals, what she got was cold curries and accompaniments. Even the variety of thorans and curries were very few compared to what you might get at Nadumuttam or Calicut Paragon. I opted for the biriyani which the waiter claimed was their specialty. (It was a specialty in the movie as well!!) Unfortunately this was a disappointment as well compared to the awesome malabar style biriyanis you get at Calicut paragon. The only saving grace was a beef fry which came served wrapped in banana leaf. It wasn’t spectacular but just ok.
Overall a disappointment being served cold food and poor tasting Biriyani.

Rating: 2.5/5


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