Review – La Porte Des Indes

There aren’t too many Indian restaurants in Dubai that can pull off a great Indian meal, let alone fusion meal with a French influence. La Porte des Indes, pulls this off with great aplomb.
They have a great little secluded bar area where you can have a few drinks before moving onto having dinner. I just found its connected to the Dubai mall, so a great place to come and have a sneaky drink while the wifes shopping!
Anyway the food really is the star here. I had opted for the Menu Maison which is like a taster menu with all their best dishes.

From the starters to the mains and onto the dessert the food really stood out with classic Indian dishes done beautifully without over complicating & delivered with finesse. This was an Indian meal I really enjoyed after a long time. Full marks to Chef Vishal and his team. The service was fantastic as well, seeing that we had a baby they were keen to impress and asked if we’d like anything specifically, I only asked if they had any berries but the chef was keen to whip up some special khichdi for the little one.
They even have a live violinist & cellist playing in the background which was one of my highlights for the evening. Classical version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters had me and my baby spellbound!
Overall a fantastic experience with great food and service. Definitely coming back!


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