Review – Cafe Rider, Al Quoz

When I had visited this place previously the only food they were serving were prepacked sandwiches which you could select from their fridge. They have now tied up with the Boutique Kitchen to offer most of the dishes from the BK menu right here. Considering that the BK still doesn’t have a proper dine in type restaurant setup the tie up with Cafe Rider does make business sense and promotes BK. But the waiting time for the food really is a big negative, taking almost 30-45mins.for most dishes. The food arrived hot. I had the Bbq burger and it was really one of the best burgers I’ve had in recent memory. The meat was tender and juicy and the Bbqsauce was just perfect in terms of flavour and not overpowering. I don’t know how I’ve never ordered this from BK earlier.

Cafe Rider as the name suggests is definitely a place for bike lovers. They have a workshop where they restore older bikes and is mostly a place for like minded people where they also serve you great coffee. A great place to chill and have coffee if you’re in the area.

Rating: 3.5/5


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