Review – Scoopi

I had some really good sorbet on a trip to Mallorca recently and have been craving to try some and came across this outlet on the beach road. I had wanted a lemon sorbet and it was made to order. They had the lemon syrup pre made and used liquid nitrogen to freeze it to the desired texture. When they first gave it to me it still seemed a bit mushy like it hadn’t set. I asked them to freeze it up a bit more. This time it was much better. But as soon as I stepped out it started melting and by the time I was in the car, most of it turned into lemon juice. I really dont see the need to use Liquid nitrogen here unless you’re trying to impress the customer with some visual spectacle which wasn’t the case here. Heston Blumenthal would’ve cringed..
I’d have preferred if they could have delivered a much better product instead of this.

Rating : 2.9/5


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