Review – Desert Warrior Challenge 2015


This was the 2nd edition of the DWC challenge in Dubai after it proved hugely popular after the 1st one last year. This year the event took place at a new location close to the outlet mall.
I only managed to register for the race a week before the event. So while I didn’t train specifically for the event, I hoped my infrequent run and cycle routine would get me through the course.
The only strength training I was doing was some body weight routine consisting of Squats, push-ups and a lot of pull ups at home.
I was lucky to get an early start time of 8:45 am. This was beneficial for a number of reasons like avoiding bottlenecks at lot of the obstacles where there were a lot of people queuing up to safely complete their obstacle. But for me the early start meant spending less time running under the hot sun.
A newer course meant newer obstacles and I was quite impressed with my own ability in navigating through most of the obstacles like the monkey bars without any issue. Something I struggled with last year.IMG_5640
There were some of the popular obstacles from last year like The Monster and 1/4 pipe and even the Brain freeze.
The race pack was the same as last year with the standard tshirt, key chain with only the addition of a face towel this year.
Race Pack

Race Pack

I’m glad the organizers decided to reward the finishers with a medal styled in the form of a U.S. Army dog tag. Very cool.
I think the next edition of the Spartan race will be even bigger and better and will give the Dwc a run for its money.
It’s not easy pulling off an event of this scale safely. So a big high five to all the people involved in putting up this event.
I will definitely be taking part next year and this is on my list of ‘Must Do’ events for the year.
Watch the video of the event taken on my Gopro

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