Review – Flippin Pizza

Got an invite to try their new launched menu at their restaurant in Ibn Batuta mall.We started off with the Minestrone soup. This was a meal by itself as it was a huge portion consisting of Grilled Chicken and Vegetables and a strong flavour of oregano.

  I quite liked it and think it can be shared easily between 2 people.

They next brought out the Beetroot, Rocca & Feta salad. One of my favorites, this was a really nice light salad.  

 Topped with pomegranate & Feta cheese with a vinaigrette dressing the salad was incredibly fresh and the Grilled Beetroot was just yum. The addition of the Pine nuts was a nice touch adding to the flavor.

The main course was the Tandoori Chicken. Now I like my pizzas the way it should be like traditional Italian or even the American Pepperoni style. Not Indian. But the new menu at Flippin Pizza is actually trying to cater to the wider international clientele in Dubai and have an Indian, Arabic & Philipino styled pizzas. 

  I do know a lot of people who like Tandoori style pizza & having tried this am sure they’d love this. It wasn’t spicy and the flavour wasn’t too overpowering. Not a bad pizza after all.

We even had the Mushroom risotto with chicken. This was a fantastic dish. The flavours of the mushroom and the sauce was really wonderful. It was one of the dishes that Id actually like to come back and try again. 

The highlight of the meal had to be the Triple Chocolate Brownie, made with 3 different types of chocolate and topped with Vanilla ice cream, lotus biscotti and salted caramel. 

  The brownie was really moist and was a clear winner just for the fact that they were using Dark chocolate. You could actually taste the richness of the brownie. 

This is a MUST TRY. I hope to be back soon to try a few of their classic pizzas and the heavenly Brownie.

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