Race Review – Rak Marathon 2016

Billed as the Worlds Fastest Half Marathon, this was probably my slowest marathon!

I had to miss out on this race last year due to a chest infection.

No such problems this year except that I hadn’t run much since the beginning of the year. Somehow my fitness goals had changed and I’d been focusing more on increasing my strength this year.

So it’s been a strict diet of Squats, Push presses and Dead Lifts.

But I had registered for this event well in advance and I wasn’t going to quit now. 

The race bag included a technical Tshirt and a few vouchers but nothing else of note. 

Race Bag

I managed to do a couple of 10km runs just to be sure I still had it in me.

Probably one of the most underprepared half marathons for me in a long time.

Going into the race I got only a 3 hr sleep the night before. I was up early at 3am to make my breakfast and get ready for a long drive to the start point in Ras al Khaimah.

My breakfast was a big green smoothie along with peanut butter & jam on toast.

Since I got to the venue slightly early I could grab a quick nap in the car before kickoff.


At the start line

 Getting to the start line, it was a bit cold as I didn’t have any warmers. But it didn’t matter as the gun went off we were off.

Somehow this wasn’t a race I enjoyed probably for lack of training which showed in my time of 2 hr and 26secs. 

Finishers Medal

 Going forward I’m still going to be focusing on my strength training but also start training with the Maffetone approach as I have recently discovered I’ve been training myself to the ground.

After reading up on the Maffetone I feel this is what I’ve probably needed. Will update soon on how it goes.


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