Review – Hakkasan

Had been here recently for the Friday Brunch.This is more of a sit down brunch. Where you choose 4 steamed & baked dimsum & 1 main dish off the menu. 

I initially felt this wouldn’t satisfy the glutton in me as I felt like the portions would be too small. 

But you also have unlimited access to the Truffle minced chicken noodle & Peking duck at the live cooking stations. 

I had the Wagyu Beef Truffle dumpling, Prawn wonton among others 

& the Wok fried Rib eye Beef for the main course.

The food didn’t disappoint. My only complaint had to be the children’s play area which seemed to be filling up with cigarette smoke from a table nearby. I found it really uncomfortable and was surprised they allowed smoking inside the restaurant.

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The Hive Beelicious Brunch 

We came here recently for the Friday Beelicious Hide Brunch. The brunch takes place at the same venue as the Warehouse which is at the Le Meridian in Al Garhoud.

We had a rough start as even after making a booking we were made to sit out which had no proper access unless u were a monkey and were prepared to hop, skip & jump across other tables, chairs and shrubbery.

We finally managed to get seated inside. I didn’t expect the food to be any good. But it actually did not disappoint.

Lot of options for both vegetarians and non vegetarians 


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Review – Thiptara 

I’ve been planning a trip here for a very long time and thanks to Zomato I finally got a chance to experience the fantastic Thiptara HypnoThai Brunch.Located at the Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai, there are great views of the Burj and the Dancing Fountains.  

  To start off there are a lot of options for appetizers and it’s quite easy to fill yourself up on these alone. There’s also a live station where a lady will make a Spicy green papaya salad right in front of you as per your taste.

  For the mains you are served 3 dishes. We had the Wok Fried Canadian Lobster with black pepper, Stir fried Wagyu beef with garlic & chili and the Green chicken curry all served with Jasmine rice and Wok fried flat noodles.


Stir Fried Wagyu Beef


Wok Fried Canadian Lobster


There wasn’t one dish that failed on taste. Every dish competed with each other in terms of flavor and taste and I for one wasn’t disappointed.

I happily ate so much that I didn’t leave much room for dessert which I’m told by others were superb as well. The best me dessert that I had was the Tab Tim Krop, which was water chestnuts, with Jack fruit, Palm seeds and Pandan syrup.


Tab Tim Krop

There are a couple of Thai beers on offer as part of the package apart from some cocktails as well.  

 Overall it’s a great brunch and great way to spend a Friday.

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Review – Cafe Rouge, Madinat Jumeira

Cafe Rouge is a french styled bistro from the UK that’s  located at the Madinat. We decided to pop in for breakfast this weekend and weren’t disappointed. I had the Eggs Benedict with Salmon. The eggs were done perfectly with the yolk oozing out and blending with the Hollandaise waiting to be lapped up by the English Muffin. Perfection!


Eggs Benedict

I couldn’t leave without having dessert, I took my severs recommendation and opted for the Duet of Fondant, which is basically a chocolate fondant that oozes with a hot runny as soon as you cut through it.  

 It’s served with a raspberry sorbet which balances out the richness of the chocolate. A fantastic end to a great breakfast.
Great options for vegetarians like my wife which includes the ‘vegetarian breakfast’ and the must try French toast served with compote and caramelized peach.


French Toast

Do give it a shot. I think we will be seeing more of Cafe Rouge opening more outlets around Dubai soon.

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Review – IZ

Came here for the Friday brunch. The concept is that they bring the food to your table, so you never really have to leave your table. I’ve seen this work really well at other restaurants. But over here it was a complete fail.
There was no sign of the servers after serving us a few starters. One server mentioned that he’d be back to get us the other options from the menu but he was missing as well. The servers had no clue what they were serving us and what should be brought out next. We missed a lot of items on the menu as well even after asking for it. The restaurant didn’t seem as busy so no reason for the service to have suffered.
The food itself wasn’t bad but the experience was spoiled by an otherwise poor service from the waitstaff.

Rating: 3/5

Review – Zetas, Downtown Dubai

This is a review for Zetas Friday brunch. Located at at the Address hotel downtown with fantastic views of the Burj and the Fountains, Zetas is just the place for you if you love Japanese food.
Offering a massive 7 course meal, you never have to leave your table as all the courses are brought right to your table with each course outdoing the previous.The options aren’t great if you’re a vegetarian. But if you love your Sushi and other delicacies served raw then you are sure to be delighted. This is a must do brunch amongst all the myriad brunch options in Dubai.

Rating: 4/5