Review – Seafood Market

We came here for the seafood night.You have to choose the seafood from the display you’d like and can ask them to cook it your way. I left this task to my friend who’s an expert with seafood.

We chose everything from crab, squid, oysters, king prawns, lobster to some variety of fish.

 The food was really fantastic. With each dish standing out from the rest. The only disappointment had to be the dessert was something that was kept on the menu only as an afterthought. But otherwise a great place for a night out enjoying some amazing food.  

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Review – Hakkasan

Had been here recently for the Friday Brunch.This is more of a sit down brunch. Where you choose 4 steamed & baked dimsum & 1 main dish off the menu. 

I initially felt this wouldn’t satisfy the glutton in me as I felt like the portions would be too small. 

But you also have unlimited access to the Truffle minced chicken noodle & Peking duck at the live cooking stations. 

I had the Wagyu Beef Truffle dumpling, Prawn wonton among others 

& the Wok fried Rib eye Beef for the main course.

The food didn’t disappoint. My only complaint had to be the children’s play area which seemed to be filling up with cigarette smoke from a table nearby. I found it really uncomfortable and was surprised they allowed smoking inside the restaurant.

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Review – Kulfilicious

We just saw this new shop and decided to get in since we finished lunch and were in the mood for some dessert.This place serves only kulfis and different shakes.

Kulfis are a type of ice cream popular in the Indian subcontinent region.

  Its similar to ice cream in appearance and taste; however it is denser and creamier as it isn’t whipped unlike the western Icecream. 

  I tried the Fatehpur Sikri Kulfi, which is a mix of saffron and pistachio flavours which is more traditional. The Kulfi had to be one of best I’ve tried. Very rich very creamy and very filling.

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Review – Bianca Mozzarella 

This has to be my favorite Italian restaurant in the city at the moment. Have been here a few times already and can’t fault them for anything. With an emphasis on using organic and high quality ingredients, this Italian owned restaurant with an Italian chef at the helm lets the food do the talking.
Among the must try dishes are the Burrata Al Bicchiere served in a jar with cherry tomatoes and baby spinach. The Burrata itself is unlike anything I’ve ever had before with almost a milky/juicy texture to it. This is a must try dish! 

 Among the main courses I’ve tried the Lasagne which had to be one of the best I’ve had in Dubai. 


On a recent visit I tried the Polpette al sugo which is a tender meatball dish cooked in tomato sauce which just melts in your mouth and I found it very rich.

  You can’t leave without having dessert. The traditional Tiramisu served in a jar topped with Chocolate chips which is a must try.  

 As I said in the start this is one of my favorite restaurants in the city and definitely a restaurant to watch out for.

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Review – Common Grounds

We got done with an early morning swim class for our son and headed over to try the breakfast at this much hyped about venue, from the guys that brought us Tom & Serg and The Sum of Us  
I ran a 21km half marathon the day before and my body had been on an eating spree and my body was still crying out for more food 24hours later. It was clear I had to go for the Big Brekky.

  The BB consisted of Poached eggs, bacon, sausages, kale, mushrooms & tomatoes served on toast.

  The sausages had a unique flavour to it as its prepared in house with the their own unique mix of herbs.

Really couldn’t fault anything with the service being spot on as well.

Will be back .

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Review – Dubai Fish Hut Restaurant 

I didn’t have great expectations coming into this place but these guys just blew me away.The concept is not new, you choose your Seafood selection from the display and opt for how you want it cooked. 

 I chose some fresh squid to be made into Calamari. Some tiger prawns and shrimps to be grilled with some spices.  

And finally a big piece of fish grilled half with butter and lemon and the other half with some seasoning popular in south India.

The food definitely did not disappoint. The calamari was done nicely and tasted fresh. Although my only complaint was they could offer better sauces as accompaniments. The prawns were great as well as was the fish all of which was devoured by me singlehandedly.  

 My only message to the owners who I found are from Kerala would be to offer more authentic spiced Kerala seafood as there’s a definitely a market and these guys can really show the likes of Bu Qtair how it’s really done. 


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Review – Pizzaly

Got invited recently to try out the latest pizza joint in town. Owned by an Italian whose family is already in the business of running restaurants, this guy is no stranger to the food industry.

Margherita pizza

In fact he is one passionate guy who is committed to offering you the freshest & best pizza in town. He believes in using only the best ingredients some of which he sources from Italy.

Diavola pizza

 We tried a number of pizzas. My favorite had to be the Mozzarella and the Bresaola pizza. The rocket leaves were really fresh and the shaved bresaola slices really added to the flavor of the pizzas. 


Bresaola pizza

Corrado, the owner has also created his own pizzas apart from the traditional offerings. One of them is the Signature Pizzaly with a Beetroot sauce base. Quite unique with a distinct taste of the beetroot and the Blue cheese. 


Pizzaly pizza

 They even have created pizzas with a regional influence with flavours from Saudi, Indonesia. Really different. 

The final pizza we had was a dessert type with custard and apples. Something I would’ve never ordered. But this was really good. Almost like having an apple pie but different.

  My verdict is Two thumbs up and definitely one to try. They will be opening another outlet in Dubai Marina so I’ll definitely be looking forward to visiting them there soon.


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